• Portland

    We are, of course, back from Edinburgh but we've been shamelessly ignoring our blog here.  Edinburgh was a massive experience and we were able to present Elective Affinities to international audiences.  We made many new contacts and many new friends. 

  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival

    Helena, Coy, Penelope, and David are in Edinburgh through the end of August presenting "Elective Affinities" by David Adjmi.  Mr. Adjmi gifted SWA with the right to perform this short theatre piece for humanitarian purposes.

    We are using this opportunity to tell our audiences (and anyone else who will listen) about Save World Art's efforts to support indigenous art that is under threat.

  • Performance and Fund Raiser

    Friday night May 8th Save World Art held a fund raiser with a performance of Elective Affinities.  Twentyfive people attended and participated in a lively discussion after Helena's performance.  The fundraiser was a success and we are looking for other venues for our performance in the next couple of months.  

  • Save World Art in Edinburg

    Save World Art is going to Edinburgh in August!  As a fundraiser and to network with contacts in the arts world wide we have accepted an invitation to perform at the the Edinburgh Festival. Helena will perform David Adjmi's one woman theatre piece "Elective Affinities".  (Tickets are available at