Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Helena, Coy, Penelope, and David are in Edinburgh through the end of August presenting "Elective Affinities" by David Adjmi.  Mr. Adjmi gifted SWA with the right to perform this short theatre piece for humanitarian purposes.

We are using this opportunity to tell our audiences (and anyone else who will listen) about Save World Art's efforts to support indigenous art that is under threat.

This is a one-woman show is set in the living room of a well to do woman, Alice Hauptmann, as she holds a private viewing of a work of art she has commissioned.  We serve tea and biscuits (cookies) to the audience as part of the show.  Helena performs as Alice, as she shares with us about her life, her understanding of love and war, and why the thinks torture of political prisoners is OK. 

We think this is an important work, brilliantly rendered by Adjmi.  The script is lean and precise.  It allows no time for the audience to distance themselves from the performance and Helena engages the audience and keeps them in the palm of her hand.  We want people to think about the many people in the world who think like Alice.  We hope to inspire people to look for and gently confront bigotry and intolerance.

We are having a great time but are constantly exhausted. We perform every day at 3:45 and try to attend at least one other show. I (Coy) have been running around setting up publicity and networking and I’ve never encountered such a gathering of diverse, creative, and helpful people.  We spend time on the street every day passing out fliers and inviting people to “Tea”.  (I could only have imagined how really popular “Tea” Is in Edinburgh.  People are really intrigued by our invitation).

If you’ve never been to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it could be one of the best two-week vacation you’ve ever had. Even two weeks is not enough although the festival only lasts for three weeks. There are almost 4,000 performances, comedy, theatre, dance, physical theatre, opera, musicals, “spoken word”, music of all kinds, cabaret, street performers, and more. My only dead serious advice is plan ahead. Book lodgings no later than February. There are all kinds of places to stay but the centre of town fills up fast, and you do want to be in the centre of town.  Book you flight in January or February to save a lot of money.

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