On The Road

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Getting to know the World makes travelling a prime activity, and we love it.  A month in Europe shutling between Spain and Holland, attending conferences and meeting artists endeavoring to hang on to their cultures that have been handed down through generations; two weeks in the US fund raising and performing for fundraisers; and now on to California.  Universities in Northern California are uniting to host a three day conference on the art and socity of Cambodia.  And why ?  Because the Cambodians born in the US since the horrendous days of the Kmer Rouge do not know of their rich artistic heritage and have many questions.  The universities are supporting their quest by convening experts to help them in reclaiming their past.  Save World Art is invited to present two workshops telling them of the ancient art of Bassac Opera, a form of theatre unique to Cambodia going back over 3,000 years,  and the ancient craft of shadow puppetry, originally created in Cambodia.  We will have lots to tell following this event, I know. Their is already great excitement and generous offers of funding to support the indigenous artists of this war torn country in SE Asia.  For further news of our time on the road check back in mid November.