Foundation for Sacred Buddist Arts of Nepal

Foundation for Sacred Buddhist Arts of Nepal

Charya Nritya is a tradition thousands of years old that is little known outside the communities in Nepal where it has been practiced.  It is a sacred dance, a series of movements and postures, that is a moving meditation embodying the teachings of Katmandu Buddhism.  Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya is the sole living practitioner of Charya Nritya.  He was the only one of his brothers and sisters that his father, who was then the sole remaining priest, trained in these traditions. 

Prajwal created the Foundation for Sacred Buddhist Arts of Nepal which has built a small temple in northeast Portland Oregon. The temple is a space for dance performances and serves as a gathering place for the supporting community celebrating festivals and feasts. Prajwal operates under the name of Dance Mandal and teaches the traditions of Charya Nritya here, including the choreography, music, songs, and associated stories as well as creating the costumes, masks, and jewelry that are part of the the dance.  He also travels the world to teach with strong supporting communities in Japan and Germany. 

Save World Art supports the Foundation for Sacred Buddhist Arts of Nepal, Dance Mandal, and Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya's efforts to preserve this threatened, indigenous sacred art form.