Our Artists

We work with indigenous artists of all disciplines: dancers, weavers, painters, musicians, basket makers, sculptors, storytellers, mask makers, etc. Currently SaveWorldArt helps a number of indigenous artists who are threatened with extinction. The first group was the Baasac Troupe which still is endangered. We are in the process of building them a theatre in Northern Cambodia. We also help support the famous Sovanna Phum Shadow Puppet Theatre in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. In addition there is a Nepalese dancer here in Portland on our roster who performs ancient dances.

Nepal dancer

Artist: Prajwal Vajracharya
Art Form: Dance Mandel, Buddhist Dance
Indigenous Origin: Nepal, South Asia

Prajwal is a priest of the Vajracharya Buddhist lineage of Nepal and a ritual master of both the Charya Nritya dance traditions and the Newar Vajracharya lineage in Kathmandu. A veteran of several world tours he performs and teaches this rare and ancient art form which is threatened by modernization.

Shamsi Torabi

Artist: Shamsi Torabi
Art Form: Knitting & Crochet Artistry
Indigenous Origin: Tehran, Iran

“When I was a little girl in Iran before the time of the Shah, my grandmother spent much time teaching me the knitting and crochet stitches that she had learned when she was a little girl.  I have never forgotten them. Tell me what you like and I am happy to make them especially for you. Feel free to contact me through Save World Art.” Shamsi Torabi

Cambodia Opera

Art Form: Theater Performer
Indigenous Origin: Cambodia

A Bassac performer featuring a make-up design that goes back centuries. They hand-make their costumes and sets. Review the “Day In The Life” video for a glimpse of their performance.

Art Form: Shadow Puppets
Indigenous Origin: Cambodia

Each puppet is uniquely hand crafted from animal skin. The designs are cut into the leather and then lit from the back. It is the shadow created that tells the stories. Larger puppets can take up to three months to complete from start to finish. Accompanied by live indigenous music, the stories of ancient Cambodia enthrall the audiences preventing this ancient art from being lost forever.

Tile Artist

Art Form: Marble Tile Inlay
Indigenous Origin: Agra, India

A marble inlay artist demonstrating this dying art. Very few are alive today who have been trained in the necessary skills.

Artist: Native American Indian Tribes
Art Form: Native American Art, Language and Cultural Traditions
Indigenous Origin: Oregon, USA

The film “Broken Treaties” aired on OPB’s Oregon Experience program, produced in partnership with the Oregon Historical Society. Most non-Indian people in Oregon don’t seem to know much about the state’s Native American population. “Broken Treaties” profiles Oregon’s tribes and explores a thread of the story that isn’t told well in the history books. Funded in part by Jordan Schnitzer. Click to watch the program.