December 2021

June 2021

Save World Art is Back

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Coming out of Covid is like emerging into the daylight once again. Reaching out, making contact.  And it goes both ways.  Just as we are wanting to be seen and heard, we are here to see and hear you.  Round the World our artists are making them selves heard and seen again (sadly not all of them), and, if you live in the Portland area of Oregon in the US,  why not [...]

September 2018

Tears For the Future

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Moments come around.  My meeting with the Reasmey Angkor Opera Company on the side of the road where they had set up their mobile theatre in central Cambodia ended in tears.  The director, Khmer Rouge survivor Len Chouen, sank to his knees in front of me with tears streaming down his cheeks begging me to help them.  “We are starving.  Our art will die.  We are the last to know this [...]

November 2014

Opening Ears And Eyes

By |2021-05-21T17:13:37+00:00November 20th, 2014|Projects|

Save World Art was recently profiled in Pacific University’s Khmer Student Coalition Conference, 2014, “Building Bridges.”   Young people gathered in the hundreds who were either Cambodian born, born in the United States with minimal knowledge of their cultural heritage, or simply friends of Cambodia. The Cambodian Student Association’s organization was impeccable and Save World Art’s representatives were magnificently cared for.  Several colleges in the area of Stockton, Northern California, [...]

September 2014

On The Road

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Getting to know the world makes traveling a prime activity, and we love it. A month in Europe shuttling between Spain and Holland, attending conferences and meeting artists endeavoring to hang on to their cultures that have been handed down through generations; two weeks in the US fundraising and performing for fundraisers, and now on to California.   Universities in Northern California are uniting to host a three-day conference on [...]

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