Save World Art is Back

Categories: ProjectsPublished On: June 18th, 2021
Helena de Crespo

Coming out of Covid is like emerging into the daylight once again. Reaching out, making contact.  And it goes both ways.  Just as we are wanting to be seen and heard, we are here to see and hear you.  Round the World our artists are making them selves heard and seen again (sadly not all of them), and, if you live in the Portland area of Oregon in the US,  why not come to our office for a visit ? I know you have a mask.  I know you want to.  Come and enjoy the wonderful artistry/creations of indigenous peoples who are struggling to survive.

Save World Art, 15060 SW Sequoia Parkway, Tigard, OR 97224     503-516-4316  800-916-1318

Every day of the week

Let’s make a date.  Let’s get together.  Let’s make the World a better place.